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47% owners of the cyber clubs using our system
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160 games, 73 of them are HD-quality. Time-tested hits and latest developments. Monthly updates

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–ěnline gambling kiosk

Modern online gambling kiosk is a multi-function device to provide Internet access to various resources and services. Interface of all of them today is created with great attention to the details, so it is always great pleasure to use one of them.

The list of main functions, accessible today, is rather wide:

Those, who try such possibility first time, always say that is not only modern, but also convenient way of gambling, so everybody should try it at least once.

Platform for betting kiosks

There is variety of platforms for betting kiosks. The best of them have wide range of possibilities. As usual, they offer portsbook software, Betting Exchange and Betting Shop solutions. Of course, everything is done for comfort of the user, so possibility to make pre-live and In-play betting is clear. To hold the audience and not to lose interest of any of the user, on good platforms are supported all sports and wagers. To protect user and give guaranties, there is always custom risk management. Content management system and data extraction (direct, push/pull) is a must. To support users and make them feel comfortable, there are multiple currencies and languages. Such things, as casino and poker APIs are also accessible; Of course, good events extraction helps to create good reputation.

Software for betting kiosks

Modern software for betting kiosks is a set of two components: the client part is designed for operating system isolation, desktop and browser in electronic kiosks, while the server console allows you to maintain communication with the kiosk from a central server. Thanks to the software through the console on the server side, you can remotely analyze the state of the kiosk, to generate reports about its use, collect monitoring data and upload new information kiosk. In addition, the software enables grouping of on-demand. E. The stalls projects can be sorted by any number of groups.