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Everybody likes gambling even if rarely and modestly, it must be incorporated into our genes. Here we present the best casino games ever known for you to have more choice next time you feel like giving it a go.

Casino gambling games have been known since the ancient times and are still widely played all around the world. The most popular are blackjack, dice, poker and, of course, the roulette.

Internet sweepstakes games:

  • Roulette. There's no casino without a roulette and there's no roulette without a casino, they are absolutely inseparable and work as symbols for each other. In any casino, including online casinos, roulette is the most demanded game. If there is nobody at the roulette table, there is nobody in the casino. A great number of myths are connected with the roulette, the most consistent of them being the myth about the opportunity to earn good money. There have been developed several kinds of the game (American, European, French etc.) that differ in nuances of the rules while the key principles always stay the same.
  • Blackjack. You can't argue that blackjack is one of the most famous casino games. This game is widely played as the rules are primitive and the chances to win are higher than in any other game. Besides that, blackjack gives an opportunity to develop analytical skills.
  • Poker. Poker is another widely known card casino game. Just remember how many films about poker players you have seen in your life! The goal of the game is to have the best card combination of the round. There are several types of the game with different sets of rules, for example: Texas Hold'em and Poker Omaha.
  • Slots. Gambling machines can differ in appearance, but the essence is always the same. Millions of casino players prefer them to any other game for simple rules and the huge jackpots they promise.
  • Video Poker. The video version of the card game has rather simple rules combining principals of both slots games and the card game. All you need to study them is to play a round or two. Video poker is presented in several versions.
  • Craps. Craps is a dice casino game. Players throw the dice in turn. The resulting combinations show winners and distribute gains. The rules of this game could seem complicated, but this is only the first impression.
  • Baccarat. The origin of this dynamic card game is still disputable and consists of various combinations of the Italians, the Italian word for zero "baccarat", Felix Falguiere and the Etruscans with their myth of the nine gods. The idea is to get the highest score from the two cards dealt to you. There also can be bets on the number of winning points.