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casino platform for lan
47% owners of the cyber clubs
47% owners of the cyber clubs using our system
limitation of the maximumu winnings
Limitation of the maximum winnings; payout of the cafe to 70% - 99%, CashBack 10%. And soo much more
160 games
160 games, 73 of them are HD-quality. Time-tested hits and latest developments. Monthly updates

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"Onfirepay"– the game software No. 1 in the CIS by the number of the adjusted halls in which system, there are 155 games, the third part from what, is executed in the highest permission of HD. Always fresh developments and the previous best-sellers what will constantly find the admirers, at the same time, having continuous updating of games.

Advantages of connection of the "Onfirepay" system

It is possible to create entertaining business from a zero mark, today, without special difficulties. It is enough to have in own arrangement, an interactive institution and to find for connection, a strong game platform. "Onfirepay" – the software developed by highly experienced, leading manufacturers of entertaining applications. The software of this degree, gives you the chance, to instantly normalize the adored business and at the same time, to take the stable and quite good income, already during the shortest period.

Connection of a game platform

It is necessary to detail what the "Onfirepay" project is. The game "Onfirepay" system is considered, the high-quality improved product from founders of Igrosoft, Playtech, Mega Jack, etc. During the software basis, careful studying were conducted that has allowed to carry out the qualified correction and filling of software to show to the buyer actually necessary and fascinating project. "Onfirepay" is a basis what comprises the extensive list of game applications and specialized abilities, for management of an entertaining institution.

Advantages to owners of casino and buyers.

The "Onfirepay" platform, it is a lot of - functional production what guarantees a number of prevoskhodstvo for owners of game halls:

Optimum agreements for buyers, thanks to existence: